Smoking Apps Make Smoking Seem Cool

I just gifted my young daughter an Ipod Touch for the holidays.  She absolutely loves it.  She has apps for making gross noises, messaging friends, making movies and playing challenging games.

Today, I read that you can download dozens of (often free) apps that simulate smoking cigarettes and the like.  My first reaction upon reading this was that this can not be true.  Apple has a history of filtering its apps for objectionable content, hence the lack of pornography in the app store.

So I did a search on the app store with the term smoking.  The first result was an app called iRoll Up.  Here is actual language from the description: “Have you ever wanted to Roll Up? Now you can here is a fun way to practice the rolling and smoking process”.  The second app in my search is iSmoke Free.  Here is language from the description: “The App Store’s most realistic smoking simulator is back, now Augmenting your Reality with beautiful new graphics, improved smoke behavior, professional sound design and more!”

These are just the top two, there are dozens more like them. I find these apps to be a slap in the face of the anti smoking efforts that we as parents and as a society have undertaken over the last decade.

We need to be teaching our children that smoking is not cool, that smoking kills, and that it is not OK to start smoking.  Though the Apps do not target kids directly, I wonder how many adults are downloading virtual cigarettes or rolling papers.  The FTC has stated that there seems to be no Big Tobacco involvement in these apps and two of the largest tobacco companies have specifically disclaimed involvement.  This is good, but it also means that regulation of these Apps is much more difficult.

Across the country, teen smoking is at an all time low.  Still, smoking is portrayed in the movies and television as cool.  Stars and artists our kids love and idolize continue to light up.  Now, our young children can have a virtual cigarette in their pocket.  I don’t think the jump from virtual cigarettes to real ones is that far.  Why make something so deadly appear fun by idolizing it in an App?

While we can not always control what our children are exposed to we can try.  If you child has a smartphone or device capable of installing Apps, make sure you check out what they are downloading.  More importantly, like stars and artists, our children look up to us, parents and if you are still smoking, you should quit for your health and the future health of your children.  Nicotine patches can help and nicotine patch coupons can save you some money along the way.

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One Two Punch Proves Most Effective In Reducing Smoking

The past several years have seen dramatic declines in smoking rates across the country and around the world.  Two areas, the State of California and Brazil highlight what may well be the reason for the success in reducing the amount of smokers.

Brazil’s smoking population is down fifty percent this year which has led to an estimated prevention of 420,000 smoking-related deaths in the country.  Brazil took aggressive measures which included a tobacco tax price increase, followed by smoke-free air laws, restrictions on tobacco marketing, tobacco health warnings, anti-smoking media campaigns, and treatment programs to help people quit smoking.

Similarly, in California, increased prices and media campaigns have proved effective in reducing the rate of smokers in the State.

It appears that education of the public, through graphic health warnings and relentlessly pushing the message that smoking is bad for you has led to a more educated public, and is especially effective on catching young people before they start smoking.

For those that the health warnings do not reach, there is the hit to the bank account that also proves to me just as effective if not more so.  Higher costs force many to quit or at the least, make them consider the cost, in money, if they ignore the cost to health.

Studies have supported the finding that these two approaches, health warnings and higher cost, have a scale of effectiveness.  Meaning that the more warnings that are produced, and the higher he cost, the more effective they are at stopping smoking.

With the cost of treating smoking related illness rising, the writing is on the wall.  The cost of cigarettes will continue to rise along with an endless barrage of health warnings, because it works.  Whether you do it because you value health or value money, quitting now is the smart choice.  The nicotine Patch can help and nicotine patch coupons can save you some money along the way.


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Calling All Women, You Can Live 10 Years Longer If You Quit Smoking

New research from Oxford university concludes that women who quit smoking before age 40, can reduce their risk of dying by 90 percent.  The study also concludes that women who quit before age 30 can reduce their risk of death by a whopping 97 percent.

The Oxford study looked at 1.2 million women between the ages of 50 and 69.  This is one of the largest studies done on women smokers to date. Through interviews and follow up study, it was determined that the longer the women smoked the more likely they were to die from smoking related diseases like lung cancer, heart disease and COPD.

Though the mechanism is uncertain, women smokers in their fifties and sixties may even be at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease then their male counterparts.  The protective effects of estrogen on cardiovascular systems diminishes after age 50 and this may be one reason.

Because of the data collected and published in the Lancet, researchers concluded that quitting earlier rather than later can add 10 years or more to a women’s life.

These findings may help to convince  young smokers of the need to quit before it is too late.  Some people worry that the opposite will occur.  That young smokers will reason they have until age 40 and then they will quit.

As we all know, nicotine is very addictive and the longer you smoke the more addictive it becomes.  therefore waiting to quit will become that much harder.  now is the time to quit smoking.  The nicotine patch can help you quit and nicotine patch coupons can save you some money along the way.


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The Effects Of Smoking Are Cumulative: Finally A Study With Real Data To Prove This.

Under the category of news that should not surprise you, if you started smoking as a teenager and never quit, you are more likely to die of heart disease (twice as likely in fact) or smoking related cancers, than those people who never smoked.  The study that is making this claim concludes that the effects of smoking are cumulative.

Seems pretty obvious, but until now, most of the research that showed that the effects of smoking were cumulative  came from unreliable sources.  Studies where middle to older aged people were asked to recall how much they smoked as a teen and how old they were when they started.

The subjects in this study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, were teenagers who filled out health questionnaires upon their entrance to Harvard from the years 1916 to 1950.  How much they smoked and when they started were questions that were asked.  Effectivly, the study authors have amlost 100 years of data at their disposal.

When this data was analyzed it was confirmed that the earlier people started smoking and the longer they continued increased their risks of early death cumulatively.

So what is there to learn from this finding?  The earlier you quit smoking the better, especially if you started smoking at a young age.

Put it this way a 25 year old who quits at age 40 is better off than a 15 year old who quits at age 40 because the ill effects of smoking are cumulative as proved by this detailed exhaustive study.

Follow up questionnaires over the next 53 years to these subjects revealed that if the subject stopped smoking shortly after college, they were only at a 29% increase for early death from heart disease or smoking related cancers.  If they never quit or smoked throughout most of the following 53 years they were twice as likely to die an early death.

The results of the study conclude that it is better to quit smoking early, but quitting at any time is better than not quitting at all.

Quitting is not easy but the nicotine patch can help and nicotine patch coupons can save you some money along the way.


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If You Smoke, You Will Not Be Hired. Is There A Hiring Bias Against Smokers?

Showing up to a job  interview these days smelling like a heavily used ashtray is probably not the best strategy to land a job.  But even more scarey for smokers is that many employers are asking if you smoke or use tobacco these days even if you don’t show up to the interview smelling like smoke.

The reason is likely that smokers and tobacco users cost companies money in insurance premiums.  Yes, there are employers who will not hire someone who uses tobacco because it will cost the employer money in increased insurance premiums.

Look at the City of Delray Beach in Florida.  they recently initiated a hiring ban on smokers or users of tobacco.  the reason is economics.  According to Al Jacquet, City Commissioner the move is strictly related to budget woes and this will lower city insurance costs.

Other nearby towns in Florida have similar bans.  Both Hallandale Beach and Hollywood require new employees to sign affidavits stating they haven’t used tobacco in the last year, and in Hollywood employees caught smoking are subject to firing.

Other towns don’t have a ban on hiring smokers but do charge the individual more money for health insurance.

The reason given for this bias against smokers is the cost of health insurance.  This is a legitimate concern for employers, especially in this economy.  Of course, I would venture to say some employers also don’t want their employees smelling like crap or flashing yellow teeth to their customers.

The writing is on the wall.  Whether it is higher taxes, less places to legally smoke outside your home or trouble finding a job, smokers are quickly being pushed further to the side.  Now is a great time to consider quitting.  For your health and your financial stability.  using nicotine patches can help and using nicotine patch coupons can save you money (and keep you employed) along the way.

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Smoking And Drinking Lead To Earlier Onset Of Pancreatic Cancer According To A New Study

Anyone who smokes and enjoys an alcoholic beverages knows that for some reason the two go hand in hand.  In fact, smoking seems to go up with the number of alcoholic beverages consumed.

Bad news, it appears that excessive drinking and smoking may lead to earlier contraction of pancreatic cancer.

Researchers at the University of Michigan found that heavy smokers with pancreatic cancer were diagnosed around age 62 and heavy drinkers at age 61.  This is almost a decade earlier than the average age of diagnosis, which is 72.

Smoking has long been thought to be a major risk factor in developing pancreatic cancer.  Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer mainly because early detection is very difficult.

There are no standard tests for early detection of pancreatic cancer and there is very little symptoms of pancreatic cancer at its early stages.  This means that the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is usually made after the cancer has grown and often after it has spread.

There is good news though.  When a smokers quits smoking, after ten years, the rate of pancreatic cancer is the same for non-smokers.  The same holds true for heavy drinkers.

Ten years may seem like a long time.  But a smoker at age 40 who quits will have the same rate of pancreatic cancer as a non-smoker by age 50, which is still more than ten years prior.

do yourself a favor, before its too late and quit smoking.  Nicotine patches can help and nicotine patch coupons can save you some money along the way.


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Nicoderm CQ, Nicorette Patch, Nicotine Gum, Nicotine Lozenges And Other Nicotine Replacement Therapies

While this site touts the virtues of the nicotine patch, sold under many brand names including Nicoderm CQ and the Nicorette Patch (outside the U.S.A.), there are other nicotine replacement therapies to choose from.  If you have tried using the patch and want to try something different here is a list of alternatives with a brief description.  No matter what you choose, the important thing is that you try to quit and keep trying until you do. Do it for your health, your loved ones and those that look up to and depend on you.

Nicotine Gum

Like the patch, nicotine gum is a NRT (nicotine replacement therapy).  It works by releasing nicotine into the blood system through the lining of the mouth.  You can read more about it on this post here.  If you are looking for nicotine gum coupons, check out this site  here.

Nicotine Lozenges

Same delivery and replacement system as the patch and the nicotine gum but in a lozenge form.  For people who do not like to chew gum, the lozenge is an alternative oral delivery system.

Nicotine Mouth Spray

A rapid delivery of nicotine by spray directly into the mouth.  Studies have shown that this NRT is highly effective and even more so than other therapies like the patch and gum.  Unfortunately it is not yet available to the public.

Nicotine Nasal Spray

Available only by prescription it has been in use since 1996.  It is a spray of nicotine delivered into the nostrils.  The benefit is that the nicotine hit is fast and strong, immediately curbing urges to smoke.  the downside is that throat irritation can occur, but it often disappears after the first week.

The above list discusses nicotine replacement therapies.  there are other aids to quit smoking, like prescription drugs, hypnosis, electronic cigarettes and more being developed almost daily it seems.  This list is provided for those who have tried the patch and are not finding great success with it.  Hopefully those people will try something else listed rather than smoke a cigarette.

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Smoking In Movies – Give It A R Rating For Better Health

Researchers from The Dartmouth Geisel School Of Medicine have found a significant relationship between movie smoking exposure in films rated PG-13 and adolescent smoking.

It has long been thought that when kids see their favorite actors smoking and looking cool, it effects their desire to smoke.  they make it look  cool, acceptable and in many cases like the smoking actually helps them thrive.  What the movies do not often show is the actor dying of lung cancer or with half of their face removed from the oral cancer.

The association between smoking in the movies and kids smoking seems obvious but until now, the reason was not very clear.  Was is the visual appeal the stars gave off or was it the adult action that accompanied the smoking like sex and violence.  The researchers from Dartmouth think they may have found the answer.

The research looked at exposure to smoking in PG-13 movies, which had less sex and violence and general adult themes, and they looked at exposure to smoking in R rated movies, those movies had more sex violence and adult theme.  The researches learned that there was no appreciable difference between rates of smoking for those that watched PG-13 and those that watched R rated movies.  In other words it is likely not the adult themes associated with smoking that make the kids want to smoke (to be more adult) but rather the visual appeal of seeing the stars smoking that does it.

So the answer is to make more movies rated R if they have smoking in them.  this will not decrease the rates of smoking attributed to watching R rated movies but will lessen the number of children exposed to smoking in the movies thereby reducing smoking in children.

To me it is easy to see how when an impressionable kid sees someone they admire (i.e. their favorite stars) smoking they might be more tempted to do the same.  This also can apply to people kids look up to who are not movie stars, like parents or aunts and uncles.  therefore it is important for the health of your children and your health to quit smoking today.   The nicotine patch can help you do it and nicotine patch coupons can save you some money along the way.

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Federal Scare Campaign Helps People Quit Smoking

On March 19, 2012, the Federal government launched an add campaign that ran for 12 weeks, until June 10.  The campaign, called a fear campaign by some, ran adds on television, radio, billboards and other print media, that featured smokers who had or were facing disfiguring illness.  People told their stories of horrible disease and in many instances the pictures or images of the people spoke for themselves.  The campaign was aimed at 18-34 year old smokers, and apparently it worked.

During the campaign, calls to 1-800-QUIT-NOW more than doubled to three hundred and sixty five thousand in the twelve week period. Weekly website visits to tripled compared with weekly visits before the campaign ran.  The CDC reports that during this time there were an estimated five hundred thousand quit attempts and fifty thousand more people would successfully quit smoking as a result of this add campaign than would have quit without it.

These results are good news for supporters of the proposed graphic labels on cigarette packaging.  If this 12 week campaign worked this well, imagine how well the images will work when every smoker sees them.

I think that most people know about the dangers of smoking.  Apparently what really brings it home for people is seeing the effects smoking has on real people.

If you have seen the adds and are considering quitting, buy some nicotine patches, they work, and use some nicotine patch coupons to save money.

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Second Hand Smoke May Lead To Diabetes And Obesity

Al the news about health these days seems to center around type two diabetes and obesity.  Most of the news pegs the rise of both diseases on the American diet.  Junk food, high fat, high sodium and over processed foods.

Wait a minute, a new study presented at The Endocrine Society’s 94th Annual Meeting in Houston points to second hand smoke as a possible cause of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Smoking has already been linked to type two diabetes.  But exposure to smoke, i.e. second hand smoke has not been studied as a risk factor for type 2 diabetes until now.

The study looked at non smokers who had a cotinine level above a certain threshold that indicated that they had been exposed to second hand smoke.  They called this group secondhand smokers. Secondhand smokers had a higher measure of insulin resistance than non smokers, a level that can lead to type 2 diabetes.

It so happened when they looked at the study participants the secondhand smokers had a higher rate of Type 2 diabetes.  In fact the association rose to the level that secondhand smokers had almost the same rate of diabetes to that of actual smokers.

What was also interesting that secondhand smokers had a higher body mass index (BMI) than did actual smokers. Actual smokers had a lower body mass index than nonsmokers but a higher hemoglobin A1c, which is a measure of diabetes.

The study concluded that the finding of increased rates of type two diabetes did not correlate with the higher BMI of secondhand smokers.  In other words the second hand smokers did not have type 2 diabetes because they were overweight but possibly because they were exposed to second hand smoke.

These are interesting findings, especially with all the press obesity and type 2 diabetes are receiving.  What it really means is that it is a good idea to quit smoking and to avoid those people who do smoke.  Nicotine patches can help you, and the people around you quit and nicotine patch coupons can make it a little less costly.


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