Smoking In Movies – Give It A R Rating For Better Health

Researchers from The Dartmouth Geisel School Of Medicine have found a significant relationship between movie smoking exposure in films rated PG-13 and adolescent smoking.

It has long been thought that when kids see their favorite actors smoking and looking cool, it effects their desire to smoke.  they make it look  cool, acceptable and in many cases like the smoking actually helps them thrive.  What the movies do not often show is the actor dying of lung cancer or with half of their face removed from the oral cancer.

The association between smoking in the movies and kids smoking seems obvious but until now, the reason was not very clear.  Was is the visual appeal the stars gave off or was it the adult action that accompanied the smoking like sex and violence.  The researchers from Dartmouth think they may have found the answer.

The research looked at exposure to smoking in PG-13 movies, which had less sex and violence and general adult themes, and they looked at exposure to smoking in R rated movies, those movies had more sex violence and adult theme.  The researches learned that there was no appreciable difference between rates of smoking for those that watched PG-13 and those that watched R rated movies.  In other words it is likely not the adult themes associated with smoking that make the kids want to smoke (to be more adult) but rather the visual appeal of seeing the stars smoking that does it.

So the answer is to make more movies rated R if they have smoking in them.  this will not decrease the rates of smoking attributed to watching R rated movies but will lessen the number of children exposed to smoking in the movies thereby reducing smoking in children.

To me it is easy to see how when an impressionable kid sees someone they admire (i.e. their favorite stars) smoking they might be more tempted to do the same.  This also can apply to people kids look up to who are not movie stars, like parents or aunts and uncles.  therefore it is important for the health of your children and your health to quit smoking today.   The nicotine patch can help you do it and nicotine patch coupons can save you some money along the way.